Monday, March 16, 2009

Dirty South nuisabce hog removal, Fat and healthy hogs for sale!!!

Welcome to the dirty south, Parrish Florida, Hi my name is Levi Willis, i was born and raised in Parrish FL, i started hog hunting when i was to young to remember. i grew up on about fifty acres and one thing i do remember is how much my mom complained about the those hogs messing up her pretty green grass! well long story short after all these years of practice, a few friends and i, decided to start up a small business and offer some of our experience to others that are having some of the same old problems my mom use to have. Dirty South Catahoulas, were licensed and insured, experienced and cheap. removal by trapping subject to availability by FWC Florida wild life trappers.

  • Trap Rental
  • Removal by dogs
  • Removal of other small nuisance animals... Raccoons,rabbits etc...

call for estimates and details

Levi 941-812-0797

oh i almost for got if your interested in cooking the catch, were pretty reasonable in that area also!! why pay $70.00 for 40 lbs,at walmart,bjs,sams club,or any grocery store, when you can get twice the meat for less than half the price!! 75cent ibs. we deliver,if interested please call the number above , thank you